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Hi! Welcome to my portfolio, I am a Designer that lives in Barcelona, Spain. As a self proclaimed “Native Creative” with a unique ability to use design thinking in everything I do, I am an expert in UX/UI design, business design and online marketing.

I am a flexible, adaptable and open-minded professional, having worked in different countries, cultures and languages including the United States, Italy and Spain. I welcome new opportunities and always look forward to learning new skills and expanding my horizons further.

Take the time to see some of my projects. I’m always open to get some feedback or even to get in touch in case you need any of my services. Cheers!


This are some of the talents I can offer.

    • Content Strategy
    • Wireframing
    • Usability Test
    • Information Architecture


    • Branding
    • Editorial Design
    • Web Design
    • Mobile Apps
    • Presentation Design


    • Google Optimization
    • Meta Information
    • Newsletter Campaign
    • Adwords Campaign


    • Social Strategy and Planning


    • HTML and CSS
    • PHP
    • Javascript and jQuery
    • CMS, Wordpress Editing


    • Project Management
    • Web Administration
    • Marketing Plan
    • Business Canvas Model
    • Business Plan Preparation



  • All
  • branding
  • ux
  • photography
  • graphic
  • web
  • ixd
  • uid


People Talk

  • “With his design and business skills, he is able to draw opportunities that would not have been considered before.”

    Miguel SIlva // Lead Design Manager at NiHaoAPP
  • “Federico was also self motivated, and not an individual that required follow up; instead, it was he who pushed all of us to perform at our peak”

    Mike Arias // CTO of Premier Worldwide Marketing
  • “Extraordinary experience to see how effective is Federico in his work. We quite didn’t need to explain our needs and he already had for us a tailor made solution”

    Antonio Bader // CEO & Co-Founder of Powergia