19.Jul.2012 Advertising campaign I admire and why?. Definetly TOMS was my first choice

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” -Ghandi

There is a brand of shoes named TOMS, and they are changing the world a pair of shoes at a time. Every time someone buys a pair of TOMS (which are sold all over the U.S.) a pair is donated to someone in a Third World country. I admire this brand because they are helping to stop poverty all over the world by donating shoes. In the United States we believe that shoes are necessary for survival and everyone has the right to own several pairs. Whereas, the truth is shoes are a privilege for many people around the world including some people in the U.S. It is commendable that TOMS is aware of this knowledge and sell their durable and comfortable shoes at a reasonable price. The company has done research on the necessities in life to survive and water and food is donated by many companies, so they took it upon themselves to reach a market that had not been touched. According to TOMS annual giving report, “Shoes have value beyond being critical for physical health. Many schools in developing countries require shoes for attendance. And some soil-based diseases not only cause physical symptoms, but create cognitive impairment too, crippling a child’s long-term potential.” If TOMS did not have this campaign that they run, children would continue to be stricken with many more diseases that occur from walking everywhere barefoot. It would just contribute to the country’s needs for more medicine, but some of the diseases are being combated by TOMS campaign. The brand acknowledges that children feet grow as they do, and so it is their mission to continue to donate so that these children will always have shoes, not just one pair in their lifetime.

Another admirable quality is that this campaign has made more Americans aware of Third world Countries needs and in turn made U.S. citizens more humane. As mentioned before, if I walk into the store and buy a pair of TOMS shoes a pair is donated to a community who lacks, economic, health and educational needs. As of September 2010, TOMS stated their customers donated 1,000,000 shoes to communities in need. That means 1,000,000 people went and bought a pair of flat shoes that are not glittery or designer based to wear in support of TOMS. It stands without saying that without the extreme amount of support from consumers TOMS would not be able to fulfill their mission. The campaign is so strong and detailed of how it prevents diseases for poverty-stricken communities but it also helps local U.S. based businesses, by partnering with them to sell TOMS. The campaign is a win-win for all sides and that is why I admire and support the brand. TOMS is not only helping Third World countries prevent disease and try to help the children grow up in a different environment, but they also are helping our failing economy by not overlooking small businesses that keep a community strong.

I thank Blake Mycoskie and TOMS’s crew for being an inspiration for so many people like me that wants to make a difference in this world.


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  • Irene says:

    Hola Fede: T digo que el que invento este cuento es un genio!!!(por supuesto Judio)…cada Toms cuesta menos de un dolar, osea el gasta 2, digamos que con gastos de tiendas publicidad etc cada zapato le cuesta 2 dolares…osea USD36 van a suu bolsillo!!! muy buen negocio y depaso la gente los paga con gusto!!!! si fuera tan tan bueno y caritativo….los venderia mas baratos para poder vender mas y donar mas o donaria tambien parte de las inmensas ganacias, ha veces las cosas nos son tan magicas como se ven…solo que el marketing hace milagros y nos hacen creer todo lo que quieren!!!!

  • admin says:

    A no de eso estoy seguro, por eso es que me gusta el mercadeo y la publicidad que hacen. Es impresionante. Todo en esta vida es un negocio y como buen judio (no es que tenga nada en contra de los judios) lo hizo muy bien. De todas formas no le quito el credito de que así sea muy poco lo que dona a comparación de su ganancia, esta haciendo algo para esa gente que lo necesita. Si estoy de acuerdo contigo en que se podría ayudar mas de la manera que tu dices, pero nada es perfecto y solo ellos entenderan porque lo hacen así.

    El dia que se nos ocurra algún negocio como este, podremos saber como funciona y como se puede mejorar para ayudar a más personas.

    Gracias por tu comentario :)

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